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Introducing the new EASY and SECURE way to support the students in our school. By becoming a Changemaker, you can support our school with the change from your everyday purchases. It’s simple: sign up a credit or debit card, shop anywhere, & your change will automatically be donated to our school.


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Reason For a Fundraiser

The Changemaker Initiative is a contactless alternative that requires less work from parents than traditional school fundraisers! This unique fundraising program promotes giving, leadership, and “making change” in our school community.

What Will Money Go To?

Since Laramie Christian Academy seeks to substantially reduce student tuition from what it actually costs, fundraising and donations are vital to keeping Laramie Christian Academy accessible to all families. Partnership with Changemakers demonstrates the power of accumulating relatively small donations because depending on participation, Changemakers could help us raise around half of that amount or more! Becoming a Changemaker for Laramie Christian Academy supports our value of many hands making light work with a HUGE impact.

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